Boys Will be Boys 2011!!!

I strongly feel that everyone should always have the pleasure of having a little boy in their life. I’m not saying that everyone should have a son…I know that’s not possible. God kinda determines that one. BUT…you SHOULD have a go-to little guy who is there to teach you about what’s really important in life. If you don’t have one, get one. Because there is NOTHING in this world like the love of a little boy. They are dirty. They are loud. They make disgusting and inappropriate noises…ALWAYS. They climb to places they have no business climbing, explore areas they have no business going, and in general, endanger their lives on a daily basis. They smell bad after being outside for 17 seconds and their feet are DISGUSTING. But the smile of a little boy will melt your heart in a millisecond, that dirt smudged cheek is super kissable if you can get ahold of it, and when he grabs your hand it has a direct line that goes straight to your heart and won’t let go. But even more than all of those wonderful little boy things is the mind of a little boy. It’s fascinating. Little boys love to discover how things work. They have a determination that causes them to believe that they can accomplish ANYTHING if they set their mind to it. And they truly and deeply love their people. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to get a little boy to share his heart, but when he does…Watch Out! That heart contains sweetness that can melt you in an instant!

That’s why we came up with our Boys Will be Boys Limited Edition two years ago. It’s an attempt to capture the complexities of a little boy and hold them forever in a portrait. These sessions are FUN. Your boy will be allowed to do what he loves…climb on a tractor, run and play, swing from branches…and Collin will be there to capture it all. Boys Will be Boys 2011 is THIS coming Saturday at Winona Place in Florence. There are dirt roads, weathered barns, old gas pumps and big ol’ combines to entertain your boy. And, yes, we do have a couple of sessions remaining! If you are interested in a session for your little guy, give us a call or shoot us an email. Can’t Wait for this Saturday!!! 843-665-4646 or


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