Florence, SC Photographer: Black Friday/Cyber Monday SPECIAL!!!

Or maybe we should call it Black December because this special is going to last throughout this month. But Black December sounds kind of gloomy and depressing so we won’t go there…just know that you can take advantage of all of these AMAZING deals for the entire month. After we launched the sale Collin and I quickly realized that we would be entirely too busy over the weekend with Christmas sessions to keep up with it. So, there it is…the {Black?} December Special. Spread the word, people!! Tell your friends and family. I’m getting ready to let you in on some NEVER BEFORE OFFERED ways that you can save money on portraits of the ones that you hold closest to your heart. BIG deals. Here we go:

First off, The First Year Baby Plan! This portrait plan is not a new one. It is well known and well loved and even has it’s own page on our blog! Just check the link over there on the sidebar. This portrait plan is designed to help you document your baby’s first year of life. The changes that take place in that first year are incredible and this portrait plan allows you to hold onto those stages forever in a portrait. With this plan you receive special membership pricing, 15% off of regular portrait prices. For the month of December we are offering this plan for $50. YES, $50!!!! If you or someone you know is pregnant, or has a baby who is less that one year old, let them know about this special offer! They will thank you for it when that precious baby is three and flushing every item in the house down the toilet. Why? Because they will have beautiful portraits of their adorable teeny baby when he/she could do no wrong to look back on…;) Seriously, though, this is an incredible deal.

Second, The 5 Year Baby Plan. This plan includes everything that the First Year Baby Plan includes, but extends it to cover the first five years of your child’s life. You will receive the first year of sessions as well as an 18 month session and one annual portrait session through age 5. Family sessions may also be included in this plan. Also, all Limited Edition session fees are included in this plan. So you would not pay session fees for Christmas, Easter, Girly Girls, Boys Will be Boys, or any other Limited Edition that we throw your way. And there is no limit to how many Limited Editions that you participate in. With this plan you also receive membership pricing. This plan is being offered for $300 during the month of December!

Next, The Family Portrait Plan. This includes EVERYTHING that was listed in the First Year and Five Year Plans, BUT additional children are automatically added. And it lasts until the baby of the family has his or her Senior Portraits created. So basically, if you are like the Duggars (I love the Duggars, by the way) this plan would include all session fees for the 20-something children that you are going to have. OR, the more normal number of 2, 3, or 4 kids. Again, membership pricing is included with this plan. This plan is $600 for the month of December.

Okay, Folks, here’s where the deals get HUGE. The next plan I will tell you about is the Lifetime Limited Edition Plan. This plan includes the First Year Baby Plan plus the Five Year Baby Plan plus the Family Portrait Plan AND…YOU RECEIVE LIMITED EDITION PRICING FOR ALL SESSIONS!!!! That means for every single session you have at Collin M. Smith Portrait Photography you will pay 25-60% off of our normal prices. This is a BIG savings and one that will save you a lot of money in portraits over the years. For the month of December only, the Lifetime Limited Edition Plan is being offered at $950.

And finally, the GIGANTIC one. When Collin told me he was going to do this I just about had a heart attack. In a good way. This plan is our answer to the “Can I get a disc of my session?” question. Basically? No. We do not offer digital files of our studio sessions. We have researched our products for the past ten years and A LOT of careful planning goes into the products that we offer from our studio. We feel very strongly about the quality of the product that we offer, and there is NO WAY that we would allow Wal-Mart or any other non-professional lab to be in charge of our printing. You come to us for a product that will last forever. We guarantee any portrait that comes from our studio. The color will not change over time. Portraits will not ripple, fade or warp. And if they do, you are guaranteed a replacement. You put a lot of time and effort into these sessions, as do we, and we do not want to give you a portrait that will not stand the test of time. There are too many labs out there that are not equipped to handle the level of quality that we demand in our portraits. We have researched labs for 10 years and have a personal relationship with the people who are printing our portraits. If they see that something isn’t right or have a question, they pick up the phone and give us a call. They care about your final product the same way that you and I do. For that reason, we do not offer digital files from sessions. HOWEVER…we are introducing for ONE TIME ONLY the Lifetime Premium Portrait Membership. This plan will NEVER be offered as a membership again. From here on out it will be offered on a per session basis at a much higher price. This plan includes EVERYTHING mentioned in the previous plans, along with PORTRAIT PRICES at 70-75% OFF OF REGULAR PRICES!!!! This will give you an incredibly lower price on portraits but still the quality that you have come to expect from our studio. I cannot express to you the savings that will come from this plan. We have already had a few couples who don’t even have children yet purchase it in expectation of the family that they will one day have. Can you even imagine?! These babies have not even been born, yet there’s a good chance that they will have both their newborn AND bridal session under this plan. And they will never pay a session fee again. WOW. That’s amazing. Oh, one other thing…there are only a limited number of these plans that we are offering and several have already been purchased.

So, there it is. Research the list. Discuss it. Determine which plan is best for you. If you have questions or just want our opinion, give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to discuss it with you! Thanks, Y’all, and I look forward to seeing who chooses what!

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