Beautiful Weekend!!!

I’ll get back to the session posts VERY soon…Promise. I spent one night this week reading over blog posts from when Mak was three and CB was one and, well, I used to blog EVERYTHING. Seriously, if they sneezed, I blogged it. And I don’t regret it because there are some pretty funny stories recorded here that I would more than likely never remember without the blog. But I really don’t do a ton of personal blogging anymore. So, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic this week and blogging a lot about the kids. Bear with me. 🙂

Clara Beth and I had our prissy, girly, PINK lunch on Thursday and then on Friday Collin and Mak joined some of their best friends for a Guys Only campout. All to celebrate one of the best boys I know, Mister Aiden!!! I can’t believe these boys are SIX now. I wasn’t there but I can tell you that the grin that filled my baby boy’s face when he came home this morning told me that they had a GREAT time. And the bags under Collin’s eyes told me that there was probably not a whole lotta sleepin’ going on. 🙂

On their way!!

I’d say he was a little happy to be camping with Daddy. 🙂

Luke…always with his lizard!

Jordan also enjoyed watching it’s every move.

Thankfully there were lots of strong men around to dig the fire pit.

My sweet nephew had to call his Mom to tell her he loves her. Sweet Boy. And I love that he’s picking dirt off his foot while he’s making the call. 🙂

Birthday Brother!!


Yep, I’d say he’s 6! 😉

Birthday Boy got to start the campfire…:)

Nice, Bryson. If you are a Momma to a boy…you know what’s going on here. 🙂

Supper Time!

And that was pretty much it. I’ve heard there were s’mores and stories by the fire, then boys went to bed and Dads stayed up late. Sounds Fun. Happy Birthday, Aiden!!!

And then today. Both kids were up way too late last night so we knew that staying outside all day long would be the key to avoiding meltdowns. Out came the slip-n-slide for the first time this year!!

It was COOOOLD!!!!

Poor, skinny kid. Can’t keep his shorts up. I keep telling him it would help to eat some vegetables but he’s not buying it.

We kept telling Mak not to jump on the pillow of water at the end because it would pop. He didn’t listen. Can you believe the thing popped?? Huh? Who would have thought Mom and Dad knew what they were talking about…

Poor CB…so sad the fun was over.

This picture was maybe 45 seconds later. Remorseful little thing, isn’t he?

I LOVE her little girl lashes!!!

Best toy investment ever. Get a swingset. 🙂

Sometime around here is when Li-Li (my mom) pulled up to cart Mak and CB over to her house to play. Know what that meant? Momma and Daddy had a nice afternoon nap in the hammock. Have I mentioned that I’m pretty crazy about the fact that we live around so much family? LOTS of kid help!

They came home a few hours later and Collin and Mak put remote control cars together. It was a perfect day. This is our last “off” Saturday for many many weeks and I am so glad that we enjoyed it this way. I love these three people and I love days like this. Happy weekend, Everybody!

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  • gillianMay 2, 2010 - 10:37 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!! I LOVE that the boys campout together, so much fun! what a great weekend with daddy/son time and mommy/daughter time!ReplyCancel

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