{Personal Post} Back from an unintentional blog break…

Otherwise known as Spring Break 2012. =) Honestly, I had no intentions of taking the full week off from the blog, although I’m kind of glad it worked out that way. I thought I’d post a few updates, but internet at the beach house was spotty at best. Collin and I were SO thankful to have this week away! We had more Easter sessions on Friday and Saturday before we left than we’ve ever had. And if you’ll remember back to Good Friday, well, the weather was less than perfect. Rain and bitter cold don’t necesarrily make for the gorgeous Easter portraits we were envisioning. It was totally fine…we pushed sessions back and rescheduled what we needed to and it all worked out. It took a lot of stressful juggling, but everything ended up beautiful. And I’m SO Thankful that we were able to use such a beautiful location this year! It was offered to us by Lanie, an amazing client/friend and we were SO appreciative! Thank you, Lanie!!! Collin worked like a madman to get all sessions proofed before we went to bed Saturday night, and slideshows were up on Monday morning. WHEW. It was BUSY and we were ready for a few days of relaxation and playing.

It definitely wasn’t all relaxing…why do kids not sleep at the beach? You’d think they’d be so worn out from playing hard all day that they would crash for 12 hours every night. That’s not the way it works, though. At least not for us when you get the seven cousins together. I LOVE those cousins, though. They love…and fight…like crazy and they really are the cutest things EVER to me. There’s nothing like watching them all run up and down the beach together or watching the big ones learn to surf. Not to sound all sappy, but those really are some of my favorite moments. =)

I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the obnoxious amount of photos in this post. Just documenting my babies’ memories, people. =)

At the beach, most playtime is spent on this porch. At least for the littlest cousins. I LOVE this kid. He is at that cute stage where he’s figuring out how to put words together and desperately wants to play with the big kids. And he gives the BEST kisses right now that end with this cute little pucker sound. I could eat him up.

His sister could eat him up, too, and sometimes it hurts. 😉

Cutie-Pies =)

Sometimes the kids use the doggy-door. ‘Cause it’s fun, ya know?

Clearly she’s wise beyond her years.

LOTS of baseball was played this week. Getting these boys ready for the Upward season. Clara Beth enjoyed it too, although she would take frequent breaks to have her nails painted or sit in the grass while on first base to pick some flowers. I’m not thinking that this is going to be her game. The boys loved it, though.

These two bunked together for the first time. I’m quite sure that contributed to the afore-mentioned sleeping problem, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. Sweet memories.

Boat Day. Y’all, I’m not gonna glamorize this one bit. It was COLD. My parents are members of this new Freedom Boat Club thing. Basically, you have access to all kinds of boats but don’t have the hassles that come with actually owning a boat. I’m sure it will be fun this summer. It was COLD at Spring Break, though.

Seriously? How CUTE is he?

Everything about this next picture looks like my brother to me. The facial expression, the hand gestures, everything.

He’s an expert at boating. Really, just ask him. He could totally do this all on his own.

Miss CB and Momma, both wearing the expression that reads “WHAT are we doing on a boat in this frigid weather?”

My Dad loved it, though. Don’t worry, Dad, I’m sure the girls will come around. In June. =)

Daddies and Daughters melt me every single time.

People, when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. This was one clue that it was time to turn the boat around and head back to the marina.

His momma made it better. =)

My poor boy. He got something in his eye and was miserable. =(

Clara Beth doesn’t have a sister and more than likely never will. She has girl cousins, though. And they’re super fun to do mani/pedis with. =)

Tal saw me take that last photo of CB and Tess and ran to grab Tate in a hug, not wanting to miss out on a photo-op. Sweet.

The big kids were NUTS. They swam and surfed like it was July.


Finally Andrew, Erin, Caroline and Lilah Drew made it to the beach! YAY!!!

I’m pretty sure she’s the sweetest thing in the world. She always has that smile on her face and never cries. She’s also into giving slobbery open-mouth baby kisses right now.

As you can tell from the clothing, it got COLD on Wednesday.

CiCi’s sideways run is one of my favorite things in the world. Ever since she learned how to run she’s always veered slightly to the right. It’s precious and she’s losing it a little bit which makes me sad.

Boom Boom (my Dad’s grandpa name) with the littlest.

Pretty girl and her popsicle at sunset.

FINALLY!!! Sunshine came back on Friday! Just in time for Collin and me to head home. =( Oh well, our babies got to stay and play. SO thankful for family who loves on them when we have to work! Collin and I hung out on the beach for the morning and then headed home.

All in all it was a wonderful week. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for bringing us to the beach! Collin and I left midday on Friday to get back for a FUN Saturday wedding…more on that SOON! It was a BLAST!

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