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Oh my Gracious this has been a BUSY week! Collin has been super busy in the studio and I am overwhelmed and THRILLED with the response I have gotten to A&C Life! We have photographed several newborns in the studio this week and I have been to the hospital twice to photograph new little ones there. Babies are everywhere! I LOVE it! Makes you wonder what was in the air nine months ago. 😉

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Baby Thomas is another PRECIOUS little one that I was able to photograph this week. I arrived just in time for feeding time…one of my favorite things to photograph! I love seeing the excitement as they know that the bottle is coming and the sweet little coos they make while eating. Precious.

Ummm…this child is seriously ADORABLE.

Daddy’s Home!! Michael came in and was itching to get his hands on his boy. He promptly took over the feeding. 🙂

Changing time! I love how even the changing table time can be fun.

Look at those eyes he has for his Momma!

And Michael jumping in for play time! Dads are just the GREATEST at playing. They just get it, ya know?

Baby Thomas loves his mobile buddies…

I LOVE this. Rachel is as NUTS about baby boogers as I am. Just can’t stand to see them. Here she has spotted one…

Awww…Sweet Boy. Little does he know, Daddy is downstairs getting the sucky monster.

Poor kid. He doesn’t even know it’s coming.


Getting comforted by Daddy after the boogy ordeal.

I ADORE the way Rachel is looking at Michael! I know that look. It’s total and complete, head over heels LOVE for her husband and the father of her baby. I LOVE that look.

They are SO Fun!

This is what Thomas thinks of tummy time…

Daddy makes it better!

Getting sleepy…

They sing him to sleep. Only it’s not the way you or I sing our babies to sleep. It’s FOR REAL. They are REALLY REALLY Great. I could have listened for hours.

Thomas decided sleep wasn’t going to happen so he hung with his mobile buddies again.

He’s just Adorable! Rachel and Michael, I had so much Fun! Y’all are such a wonderful family to be around!

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