Baby Theo

See, y’all think that we created The Baby Plan as a way to help you hold on to that first year of your sweet one’s life forever. A way to document the crazy amount of growth and changes that happen in that first year. To showcase the developmental stages that are so doggone cute and happen so fast. Yes, all of that is true. But you know what? The Baby Plan is also a way for me to ensure that I get sweet baby lovin’ in on a weekly basis without having to continually pop out babies each year like Michelle Duggar. 😉 I mean, just look at the cuteness here. WOW. Babies are so stinkin’ adorable and since Collin won’t let me have another one, I’m begging all of you to keep having those little babies and bring them here for portraits. Baby Theo, we are honored that you bring your sweet little self to Florence all the way from Charleston for the Baby Plan. Your smile is contagious…I challenge anyone to look at that face and not be happy. It’s impossible!

Oh, and for more information on The Baby Plan, check the recently updated page on the sidebar of the blog or give us a call! 665-4646. Also, if you are interested in The Baby Plan or ANY of the portrait plans that we offer at Collin M. Smith Portrait Photography, you will want to be on the look-out for our BIG Black Friday sale!!!

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