Baby Lilah Drew!

Please forgive the slack blogging this week. It’s okay, I have good reason. This sweet child was born this week:

Our Lilah Drew. Actually, my brother and sister-in-law’s Lilah Drew. She is Scrumptious, to borrow a description from my friend, Natalie. We are all so in love. I got a phone call from Andrew at 2:30am saying that they were at the hospital and Erin was in labor. I made it up there around 3 and Lilah was here at 5:49. Three hours and twenty six minutes from time of admittance to time of delivery. Erin was an absolute ROCKSTAR at birthing this child (all natural…no epidural!) and Andrew was an amazing coach. It’s the second time I have watched them work as a team to bring a child into this world and I think they are pretty incredible at it. I think they should do it ten more times. A couple of funnies from the delivery: First, after being checked and finding out that she was 7-8cm Erin was checking on Andrew to make sure his back felt okay. Really. Second, as they are rushing the doctor to the room because this baby was coming RIGHT THIS MINUTE and there was NO stopping it, Erin is discussing with her mom and Andrew how the dress that she wanted Caroline to wear to meet Lilah is still at the monogram shop. I’m not kidding. Two pushes and Lilah was delivered. It was an incredible moment and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. Lilah Drew, I love you! I am so glad that you have joined our crazy family, Baby Girl!

I will have a slideshow from the entire day soon, but until then, here is the labor…

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