An Amazing little girl!

Collin received a phone call a few weeks ago from a grandmother. Not too uncommon. Grandmothers are very proud of their grandchildren and frequently want to have their portrait made. This grandmother wasn’t calling about that, though. This grandmother said she had some money for us. Huh??? She went on to explain that her granddaughter saw our ad in She magazine for the $100 Portrait Project with sweet Baby Collin’s portrait in it and immediately fell in love. Really, how could you not fall in love with this little guy? And this little girl made up her mind that she was going to help him. Have I mentioned that this girl is a child herself? She is 9 years old. So, she did it. She got busy and raised money for little Collin. Unbelievable.

My Collin hung up the phone and came into the kitchen to tell me about this conversation he had just had. And it made me cry. What an amazing little girl this child must be! She saw an image that touched her heart and she KNEW that she must do something to help. And more importantly, she DID it. How many times have I had great intentions but not followed through? Many, I can assure you. This girl, a child herself, initiated the help of her little sister and together they made a poster and raised money for Baby Collin with the help of their friends. I know the parents and grandparents of these two little girls must be very, very proud. I know I would be! I pray that Makgill and Clara Beth will one day have the desire to help others the way these girls do!

That’s what the $100 Portrait Project is all about! I LOVE that one little girl read the story of a baby who had been sick and was inspired to do something to help. That’s AWESOME!!! This project is one that is so dear to Collin and me. Baby Collin is one of SO MANY sick children who have benefited from The Children’s Miracle Network. And we want to give back to them through the $100 Portrait Project. It’s simple…for $100 Collin will photograph you and give you the full resolution digital image for you to do with whatever you want. And at least Half of the money raised will be going to The Children’s Miracle Network!

Our next event is THIS SATURDAY, April 25th at Wink Pottery. The event is nearly full, however we do have time slots throughout the day that could still be filled. And we want to fill them! We want this day to be HUGE! We are so excited about this event, and would love for you to join us. Also, Talitha at Wink is offering 50% off of ANY item in the store to those who participate in the $100 Portrait Project!!! If you have questions about the project in general or this Saturday’s event, please give us a call! We would love to answer any questions you may have. 665-4646 Thank you for supporting this Project!

Watch this slideshow to get an idea of the type of image you will receive when you participate in the $100 Portrait Project!

*Also, we have added “Angel Babies” to the Project! We will have Angel wings and tutus available for use in your session if you desire!*

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