All Aboard!

Makgill woke us up this morning at 5:45 calling “Help me” in a weak little voice. He was coughing really hard and having a difficult time breathing- so, so sad (and scary). This isn’t the first time this has happened, and we knew what we needed to do. We headed downstairs to do “Fish Face” (what Mak calls his breathing machine). That was all it took for our precious baby boy to breathe normally. Thank you, Lord for modern medicine! I still didn’t want him going to church because things tend to get worse when he runs around, and asking this boy to sit still while his friends are playing is just plain mean! So, we called the one person who could help- Li-Li (my mom)!!! Collin and I had Clara Beth’s nursery, so I asked her if she would either come help me in the nursery or come to our house and stay with Makgill. I also mentioned that Mak was feeling particularly cuddly this morning. Which option do you think she chose? Cuddles with Makgill just don’t happen as much as they used to, so of course she jumped at the chance to hug on him! Anyway, when we got back from church my Dad had arrived and they were playing choo-choo train on the hearth. It was so funny the way they listened to Mak’s instructions and did exactly what he said! It is Wonderful to have Family around!!! Makgill loves his Boom-Boom and Li-Li soooooo much. Thanks for your help, Mom!

Again, Notice the Pajamas! Nice, Right?!? You’ve gotta love a three year olds fashion sense!

copy-of-100_0303.jpg copy-of-100_0304.jpg

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