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I know the blog posts have been lacking lately. I’m so sorry! I haven’t even blogged Christmas yet…which was GREAT, by the way. Collin took this week off at the studio so we have been enjoying a TON of family time. It’s been so great and I am so thankful for this time after such a BUSY Christmas season. I’ll get to blogging it all soon. 🙂

But…I couldn’t not blog this session. Let me introduce you all to AJ, Heather, and Hayes. We photographed AJ and Heather’s wedding FIVE years ago. WOW! It’s crazy to me how fast time flies. Since then they have had the CUTEST baby boy, Hayes. Seriously, he’s ADORABLE!!! But you know what? AJ missed a good bit of this cute baby boy’s early months. In fact, he left when Hayes was just 3 weeks old. Can you even imagine?!? You know who he did it for? Me. My babies. My husband. YOU. Your babies. AJ spent months away from Heather and Hayes, missing those precious first months, all because he was fighting to protect the freedom of our country. WOW. But not only was AJ away from his brand new son and beautiful wife, Heather was without her husband and the father of her first child. The sacrifices that they both made are astounding to me. I am SO, SO grateful to them both. I can’t imagine being away from Collin for a week, much less months on end. Military families sacrifice so much for MY family, and it’s something I take for granted every day. AJ came home a few weeks ago, just in time to enjoy his baby boy’s first Christmas. I looked at the pictures from their reunion with tears in my eyes. I am SO thankful for this family and so many others just like them! Collin and I wanted to do something to thank them, so we photographed AJ, Heather and Hayes today for their first family portrait. It was so great seeing the three of them together and catching up with Heather and AJ. They are so clearly in love with one another and this precious baby boy. AJ and Heather, thank you for the sacrifices that you made this year. What you did is SO appreciated by so many people! And, AJ, we are so glad you’re home!!









Precious baby boy!!! Oh, I love Hayes!!!



Okay, these of the two of them? Ummm…LOVE. Seriously. There’s this whole different kind of love that you have for someone after you’ve been married for a few years. And I think my husband totally captured that love between Heather and AJ. I LOVE these!!









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