Adventures in the Airstream: Fourth of July 2014 at Myrtle Beach State Park

What’s this?? I’m blogging a family event in the same month in which it occurred?? No Way! Doesn’t happen often. We spent the July Fourth weekend at Myrtle Beach State Park this year. Several years ago our family beach week was over the 4th and I swore I would never go to the beach at that time again because the crowds were INSANE. But at our family beach week last year {in August} we were sitting around the kitchen table with Andrew and Erin and they suggested that we try camping over the 4th next year. We booked it and I started praying that we wouldn’t be miserably crowded. In the HEART of Myrtle Beach. On July Fourth. Are you all laughing with me now? Honestly, though, it wasn’t bad at all. We arrived and saw a sign on the camp store door that instructed us to stay put over the next few days unless we desperately needed to leave the park. Expected wait times to return were THREE hours. That was all we needed to hear to park our fannies right there in the state park and not move for three days. We had our food already, and if we got desperate there was a bike path that led straight from the State Park to the Food Lion. We were in this little bubble all weekend long, and inside our bubble there were no crowds. But step fifteen feet outside of the bubble and Watch Out! It was crazy out there, y’all!

Matching suits and shades for the big girls. Love.


Just look at those little legs!! And those pigtails peeking out of her sunhat. I love this baby!!


We had a front row seat to an Awesome Air Show.


The girls spent the entire day building various princess sandcastles. Praise the Lord for a daughter that doesn’t feel the need to always be in the ocean. Can’t get Mak out of the ocean. I always claim Clara Beth as my kid to watch at the beach. =)


Mak and Andrew…highly experienced in the art of {kid} net fishing. Their skill would astound you.

MBSP_Fourth_0308fb MBSP_Fourth_0310fb MBSP_Fourth_0311fb MBSP_Fourth_0312fb MBSP_Fourth_0321fb MBSP_Fourth_0323fbHe’s so sweet with her!

MBSP_Fourth_0326fb MBSP_Fourth_0327fb MBSP_Fourth_0328fb MBSP_Fourth_0329fb MBSP_Fourth_0330fb MBSP_Fourth_0332fb MBSP_Fourth_0334fb MBSP_Fourth_0336fb

We picnicked on the beach for lunch and stayed out there until the sun became too much. Then it was back to the campground to read, ride bikes, rest, and grill out for supper.


Her new thing is a one handed cartwheel. Seriously, she doesn’t stop. Ever.


My little American girl!


I know I say it every time I blog a camping trip, but really, I could live here.


Off to the beach to watch some fireworks. Or so we thought.

MBSP_Fourth_0344fb MBSP_Fourth_0345fb MBSP_Fourth_0346fb

Love this of CB and Erin!

MBSP_Fourth_0348fb MBSP_Fourth_0349fb MBSP_Fourth_0351fb MBSP_Fourth_0352fb MBSP_Fourth_0353fb MBSP_Fourth_0354fb

This little chick was Ca-Ray-Zee. I have never seen her like this. Pictures could not convey the crazy that was bubbling up out of this child on this night. She was hilarious to watch.


Adding a little patriotic touch to their princess castles from earlier in the day.

MBSP_Fourth_0356fb MBSP_Fourth_0357fb MBSP_Fourth_0358fb MBSP_Fourth_0359fb MBSP_Fourth_0361fb MBSP_Fourth_0362fb

Poor Izzy! Sweet pup is not a fan of the fireworks that were popping around us.


My little guy! Oh, I love this boy. He’s growing up so fast. I kind of feel sorry for him on camping trips because he’s in a weird spot. He’s still a kid, but the only kids to play with are girls. And he likes to feel like a grown up and hang out with us, but only for so long. I have to give him credit, though, he makes a friend at every campground we go to. I’m so thankful for his personality! Still, I wish someone with a boy could start camping with us. Ahem. {ReevesAndRebeccaNeedACamper}

MBSP_Fourth_0364fb MBSP_Fourth_0365fb MBSP_Fourth_0366fb MBSP_Fourth_0367fb MBSP_Fourth_0368fb MBSP_Fourth_0369fb

The sky that night was Incredible! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful South Carolina summer night.


Loved watching him work on this. And loved that Collin was there with the wide angle lens to capture it. =)

MBSP_Fourth_0372fb MBSP_Fourth_0374fb MBSP_Fourth_0375fb

And then the fireworks…kind of a bummer. We were too far away for a really great show. Oh Well.


On the evening of the 5th we headed out to do a little mini beach session of Mak and CB and Andrew and Erin and the girls. I loved this area!

IMG_4322FB IMG_4341FB IMG_4343FB IMG_4347FB IMG_4365FB IMG_4486FB

04042_00003FB 04042_00004FB

04042_00006FB 04042_00007FB 04042_00010FB


04042_00015FB 04042_00016FB

04042_00019FB 04042_00020FB

04042_00021FB 04042_00022FB 04042_00025FB

04042_00026FB 04042_00027FB 04042_00029FB

04042_00038FB 04042_00039FBIt was a great little mini vacation and I think it will become a new tradition for us. Can’t wait for next year!

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