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A&C Life…what exactly is it?? A lot of people are confused about it and I completely understand. It started out as the photography that Collin and I did of our own family. You see, something happened shortly after Clara Beth was born. Collin got busy. REALLY busy. Which was amazing and such a blessing. But I noticed that our “everyday, just hanging around the house experiencing LIFE photos” were lacking. Mak and CB were growing up, going through all of these milestones and Collin wasn’t always around to document every single one of them. And whenever I would complain about it my sweet husband would point me in the direction of that great camera he had provided me with and say “You do it.” Very lovingly, of course. 😉

So…I started doing it. I picked up the camera and started photographing these beautiful, everyday moments with my kids. Playing in the sprinkler…hot chocolate on a cold day…play dough or painting…hanging with their cousins…you know, LIFE. And I started LOVING it. I love seeing them lost in their own little world as they are creating their masterpiece at the art easel. Or the joy on their faces when they are hanging upside down from the monkey bars. Something as simple as making Valentine’s cookies becomes a beautiful part of their childhood. A part that I want them to be able to look back on fondly and tell their kids about someday. And something that I always want to remember doing with them.

That is where A&C Life came from. I photograph your life. Completely unscripted. Just you doing what you do with those Little Lovelies that you love so much. Important moments in life that should be documented and preserved forever. Maybe it’s welcoming a brand new baby into the world. Or a birthday party that you spent months planning. Or perhaps it’s just a plain old ordinary day full of little nothings that, all added up, equal your life at this moment in time. And your LIFE is incredibly special and worthy of documentation.

Well that’s great, you say. Sure I would love to have these moments documented but that’s pretty pricey, right? We are offering A&C Life Photography at $100 an hour (and one hour is generally plenty!) For that cost you will receive a disc of the entire set of images printable up to size 5×7. You will also receive a set of bordered prints to be used on the web (a personal blog or facebook). If you need something larger than a 5×7 you may order it (at a very reasonable price) from an online gallery. Special pricing is available for larger time frames (such as an entire day of your life documented).

This type of lifestyle photography has become my passion. I LOVE the beautiful reality of life and I love documenting it for you. It is lifestyle photography in it’s truest sense. I will not pose you or tell you to smile. I will simply document you being you. Your child being your child. It’s REAL LIFE. And I love real life. 🙂

For more information on A&C Life or to schedule your session, email me at aron@sc.rr.com or call the studio. 843-665-4646.

  • Crystal AtkinsonApril 8, 2015 - 9:32 am

    I have seen some of your hospital photography sessions and I’m expecting on July 4th. Could you send me more information?


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