A recap of our last week, and Makgill’s 2 1/2 year day and Clara Beth is 1/6 year old now!

OK, here is how our last week went. Makgill and Clara Beth had a lot of fun. Makgill learned that he could “walk” his little play fort around the playroom. Mak in houseI walked into the playroom and saw it going end over end across the room with the best laughter going on inside of it. Mak rolling houseI have to admit, it was very amuzing to watch. He kept putting more and more toys in it to roll around inside with him.Mak stops the house

When she came by the studio last week for her portraits, she was worn out by the end of it.Clara on couch

This week, Clara Beth was all smiles. Clara Beth smiles wide openIt didn’t seem to matter what was going on around her, she just kept smiling. Clara Beth small smileIts big and its gummy, and it is the best looking smile I have ever seen.Clara Beth best smile ever

Makgill was able to get outside and play in his new pool. Mak in poolIt is amazing how the smallest things (ie. the pool) can get the best behavior and attitude out of a two and a half year old. Clara Beth was pretty bored with the idea of a pool by this time of the day.Clara and Aron outside It was fun to watch Makgill try and hop on his bouncy ball while wet. He cannot quite do it dry, so watching him slip off was really funny.

Mak on ballMak off ball

Finally to the half Birthday. I had a wedding to get to, (more on that in a little while) but we were able to get out and have some fun as a family in the morning on Saturday. While I was at work, Aron was able to have a little birthday celebration with the kids. It looks like everyone had a great time.Mak at mealMak happymeal

Clara Beth happy in seat Clara Beth all smiles

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