Florence, SC Lifestyle Photographer: {Personal Post}A little weekend recap

Did you know that one week from tonight I will be tucking an EIGHT year old into bed? It blows my mind in a BIG way. This boy (along with his Daddy and baby sister) has made these eight years the best and fastest ones of my life. I’m blessed that he’s mine. =) I’m sure there will be a long and sappy eight year blog post in the coming weeks. Although, CB’s 5 year is still in the works and she’s rapidly closing in on birthday #6. Sigh. I LOVE watching them grow up. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say it hurts my heart a little, too.

So, a little funny for you from the almost eight year old on Saturday morning. Seems that Little Man thought it would be a good idea to wrap a rubber band around the spray nozzle dish squirter thing at the kitchen sink. You know, so that when his Momma went to rinse out her coffee cup she got shot with water. OH. MY. Little Man got a very nice and LOUD tongue lashing for about 15 seconds before I dissolved into laughter because really? That’s funny stuff. I just wish he had gotten his Daddy, not me. And I’m glad it happened after my coffee, not before. Before and it would have been an entirely different ballgame.

Our little Miss America watched her first pageant on Saturday night. She wore a tiara and dangly clip-ons and a fancy nightgown. I’m quite certain that she was the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. She was SO excited and it was adorable. The questions about what a pageant is kept coming one after another and I’m still not sure she really gets it. It’s okay, though, she got to be fancy and stay up past her bedtime and that’s all that really matters. And she cheered Bree Boyce on like they were best friends. Speaking of Bree, was she not AMAZING?!?! SO proud that she’s from Florence! Best moment from watching the pageant with Mak and CB was when Mak asked when the swim competition was. HA! Poor kid heard swimsuit competition and equated it to swim team. He was ready for those pretty ladies to hop in a pool and swim some laps.

*My camera is in the process of being cleaned so all I’m left with until it returns is Collin’s and the good ol’ iPhone. And since Collin was away photographing an event (more on that later), the iPhone it was.

And here’s one from earlier in the day with her Daddy’s camera…

While we’re talking about Miss CB, let me tell you about girlfriend’s latest thing. She’s taken to pointing at everything…EVERYTHING with her middle finger. Not sure why, but she waves the thing around constantly. She talks with her hands a lot. So if our sweet little lady shoots an obscene gesture your way, please ignore it. She knows not what she does (even though we’re constantly trying to redirect her). =)

Lastly, our Jesse Tree and Nativity are still on display in the kitchen. Because at least once a day I walk in and find my little bird-shootin’ girl reciting the Christmas story and acting it out using the manger scene. And it’s one of my favorite things ever. So, the Nativity will remain as long as she does this. If that means it’s still up for the 4th of July then so be it. I made her let me record it one day last week so I’ll have it forever. And, yes, she knows she left out a verse. =)

Here is the link to the video: http://youtu.be/5XjeNxThUEY

My favorite part? When she says “Quiwinius”. Makes me happy. Here’s to a great week, Folks!

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