A Fun little contest

Are y’all LOVING this weather? Oh my Gracious, it’s taking every ounce of discipline in me to make Mak do school this week. All I want to do is be outside. So thankful for this little early burst of Spring!

Anyway, have you heard? The Drive In has named a special after Collin! I think it’s HILARIOUS. And maybe just a tad bit sad that we eat at a restaurant often enough that a special was named after him. But, y’all…have you been there?! It’s SO GOOD. What am I saying, of course you’ve been there. I remember going as a kid and always getting a cheeseburger. I thought they had the best cheeseburgers on the planet. These days, it’s the fried chicken sandwich. We had never tried it before, but Collin and I stopped there for a quick bite on our way out of town for a “just the two of us weekend” and Pauline, one of the owners, told us we had to try it. OH. MY. WORD. I can’t explain it, but it’s just not your average ordinary everyday fried chicken sandwich. I’m not sure what they do, but they do it well. You must try the sandwich.

*Sidenote* You know another thing that I love? See how I just said that Pauline told us we had to try it? I LOVE that. I can’t stand walking into a business and the owners are disconnected and withdrawn. To me, that’s the beauty of a small business. In a small business you get to make a connection…form a relationship. And I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever been to The Drive In when either Pauline, Helen or George hasn’t wandered out into the dining area to greet their guests, ask to refill a drink, bring a bottle of house dressing, small talk about kids etc. They could just as easily hole up in the back office and the food would still taste the same, right? But they love their patrons and enjoy catching up with them. The Drive in has been around since 1957. Families have been eating there for generations. Grandparents are bringing their grandkids to a restaurant that they ate at as a kid. That says a lot. It takes a whole lot more than a great tasting cheeseburger to keep a restaurant around that long. It takes a personal element. And The Drive In has it!

Okay, so the contest. Here’s what you need to do. Go to The Drive In and order the Collin M. Smith special. That’s a fried chicken sandwich, french fries and a diet cherry coke. And just so you know, it’s FOR REAL cherry coke. Like they actually have the cherry syrup that they put in the coke. YUM. You will love it. Trust me. We enjoy the house dressing with the sandwich. After you have ordered your meal, take a picture of it. Get creative. Have fun. We want to see some crazy photos! Then post it to The Drive In’s facebook page and have your friends comment and like your photo. The photo with the most comments and likes wins!! The prize? A meal for 4 from The Drive In and a fine art landscape print from Collin M. Smith Portrait Photography OR an hour of one on one basic photography instruction from Collin. We get so many calls and emails each week from people with photography questions and unfortunately, at this time, teaching is just not something we can focus on. Time simply does not allow it. BUT, we would love to offer this up as part of the prize if photography instruction is something you are interested in. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

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