A Few of my Favorite Things…

I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you a few of my “favorite things” right now. Some are sweet things about the kids, and some are things that are making my life easier. It goes without saying that tops on the list is my sweet babies. Especially my sleepy-faced, pajama-clad babies sitting in a rocking chair together NOT fighting at 6:30 in the morning!



Anyway, here’s the rest of the list!

FLAT EARTH VEGGIE CHIPS: Have any of you tried these things?!?!? They are AWESOME!!! My sister-in-law (Rebecca) told me about them, and I’m SOOOOO glad that she did! They are chips that are made from vegetables, but they taste really good- not exactly like old-fashioned potato chips, but pretty close! One ounce of chips equals a half serving of vegetables. Well, my kids DO NOT eat their veggies. At one time they were both Great eaters, but lately they have become extremely picky. They both LOVE these chips, though! And they have no idea that they are eating vegetables! By the way, they also make fruit chips, but I haven’t bought these because my kids still love to eat fruit. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! All of you- GO GET THESE CHIPS!!!! You will be glad you did!

SHARK All Surface Power Sweeper: This is the best vacuum/sweeper that I have EVER found for my floors. It works equally well on my hardwoods/tile/rugs. Best of all, Makgill LOVES using it, and he’s actually REALLY GOOD at it! It’s very light and easy to maneuver, so even a 3 year old can do it! His newest “chore” is getting all of the crumbs from under the table after each meal. And I thought we were going to have to get a dog to clean up all that mess! You’ve gotta LOVE child labor! 🙂




My Sweet Singin’ Boy: Makgill has been singing in the car for over a year now, but lately he is really getting into it, and I LOVE it!!! Sometimes he sings about “The power of His (Jesus) love”, other times it’s “The wheels on the Bus”, and still others it’s something “Playhouse Disney”. The funniest though, has just started in the past 2 weeks. He LOVES this old Dixie Chicks CD that I found. I think he likes it so much because the very first line on the CD is “When the train rolls by…”. The boy can sing “Cowboy Take Me Away” with heartfelt passion! It’s so funny because he thinks he’s singing about cowboys! He calls the CD his “Trains and Cowboys” CD. It really is HILARIOUS!!!

The $10 pack of pretend food from Target: We bought this HUGE pack of pretend food from Target last night, and already it is my new favorite toy. The 3 kids (I have Anna today) have cooked, gone “grocery shopping”, made ice cream, and run a restaurant already. It’s been great. I LOVE the imaginations that they have! By the way, the SHARK that I mentioned previously? It doubles as an “ice cream maker”. According to Makgill anyway!

The Ultimate Feminine Prissy-Missy Princessy-Pink Ultra Girliness of my Baby Girl!: Clara Beth is SOOOOO EXTREMELY GIRLY right now! AND IT MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPY!!! It’s like it happened overnight. She wants hairbows and shoes as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She LOVES her babies and make-up and bracelets. She starts saying “pwee…bwace” when she sees ANYTHING that resembles a bracelet. She not only tolerates me playing dress-up with her, she actually requests it now! She frequently walks around the house wearing nothing but pearls, shoes, and a tutu! It’s the FUNNIEST most PRECIOUS thing EVER!!! She has also developed the very DRAMATIC tendencies of girls. She has a fake cry that is so ABSURDLY FAKE. She actually sits there and says “wah-wah” while trying to squeeze tears out. It’s hilarious and I hope to get it on video for you all to enjoy. I am AMAZED daily at the differences between boys and girls!

Here she is putting on “her” make-up this morning!



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