A Day at Disney!

We were up bright and early to be ready for a FULL Disney day. We only had one day, and we were determined to make the most of it!

We met Amy, a friend of mine from Highschool who now works part-time for Disney, just after the Magic Kingdom opened. She had offered to get us all in to Disney for the day and of course we accepted. Thank you, Amy!!! You ROCK!!!

Mak instantly fell in love with his new friend and claimed her for his ride partner for the rest of the day. 🙂

Fast Cars!! Watch out! Miss CB’s behind the wheel!

Doesn’t she look like a little old lady?!

And then Amy arranged a VERY special surprise for the kids. We were standing in Toon Town waiting to board the train and a man walks up and starts talking to Mak and CB. And then he gave them PINS!!! They were both SO Excited!! Miss CB was over-the-top because she has wanted to start collecting pins ever since her brother got his lanyard last year. She was given 4 princess pins. This baby girl’s day was MADE by Amy and Ika!! Thanks, Y’all!!

And Mak was pretty pleased, too! Moments like this is why Disney is the absolute BEST place to vacation!

And then Miss CB got her very own lanyard…princess pink, of course!

We actually got to do a Disney first with Amy!! Magic Carpets!!! Mak was so upset that the camel didn’t spit on her. 😉

PUSH!!! A Favorite of Mak and CB’s!

евтини мебели

By 4:00 we had done all of the Magic Kingdom so we separated from Amy and headed to Animal Kingdom so Mak and Collin could ride Dinosaur.

CB’s still too short. This didn’t make her happy.

We decided that we wanted to catch Toy Story Mania over at Hollywood Studios, so we raced for the bus. Caught a quick glimpse of the parade on the way out.

From this point on the park touring got kinda crazy. Camera was put away because there simply was no time for pictures. We were on a mission! We have the wait times app on our phones (LOVE the iphone!) so we knew that we would have a 40 minute wait at Toy Story. We did that, then raced to Epcot in hopes of letting CB do her favorite, Figment. Unfortunately it was already closed by the time we got there, so we headed to China for supper. We were EXHAUSTED. All four parks in one day. Gotta love the off season!

Tomorrow we will board the ship!! YAY!

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