A Birthday Trip to Great Wolf Lodge and a Great Big Personal Post Dump

I do this every year. I plan out our summer activities and realize that there are 3000 pictures of things we have done over the past school year that I have failed to blog. And HOW WILL THEY REMEMBER if I don’t blog? More importantly, how will I remember? And I get that it really doesn’t matter, except that it does. To me. So over the next few days I will back blog and hopefully get us all caught up so we can move into summer blog posts without me being all OCD about blogging something new without finishing out the posts that I started.

I have said this every summer for at least the past three years, but we only get 18 summers with them. And really, that 18th summer will probably be pretty busy with a real job and college preparations and all of that, so can you even count it? I’m not sure. It feels like just last month I was saying that Mak was halfway through with his time living under our roof. And now he is MORE than halfway through. A point he is quite pleased with, I assure you. It makes me want to cry giant tears into my coffee, though.

So this is why I’m blogging our Great Wolf Lodge trip from January now. It was Mak’s tenth birthday present. Can I be honest? I hate Great Wolf Lodge. I know I’m in the minority. I also know that the way I feel about this place is the way a lot of you feel about Disney {which is ludicrous, by the way ;)}. Maybe my biggest pet peeve in the history of EVER is people I don’t know touching me under water. I get that they don’t mean to. But something about bathing suits and skin to skin contact with people I have never seen before makes me almost lose my lunch. And if you go to Great Wolf Lodge at the wrong time, you will almost certainly have a leg brush with a stranger under water because it is so stinkin’ crowded and it’s basically unavoidable. That’s gross. Our first trip was on a weekend and I’ll admit that I was a royal tail during it. I whined so much that Collin sent me back to the room for a nap and to watch HGTV. We don’t have cable at home, so this was actually a great treat for me. I also really don’t like that magic stick thing. Again, I know I’m in the minority, but sorcery/magic stuff is just evil to me. I don’t want to mess with it one little bit, and I’m not going to let my kids do it either. So now that I’ve explained why I really am not a fan of this place, let me tell you about how much fun we had there on Mak’s birthday trip. This trip was slightly different. We planned it for a Wednesday in the middle of January, and other than a few other families we had the place to ourselves. No underwater stranger touching. We took Tallon along with us because cousins make birthdays better, and I’ll admit we had a good time. Most importantly, our brand new ten year old had a GREAT time.

Disclaimer…all of these photos were taken with our underwater camera. Not the best quality by any means, but you get the point. =)

We started our trip with a 3am wake up fire alarm. Which ended up being a fluke thing. No real danger. Did wonders for my impression of Great Wolf Lodge, I tell ya.

Dunkin Donuts helped a lot with recovering from that early morning wake up call.

GreatWolf_0015fb GreatWolf_0002fb GreatWolf_0017fb

Mak embraced his newfound preteen state and did his first selfie.


Finally! Water!!


They took on the Tornado by themselves. A little apprehensive at first, but they loved it.

GreatWolf_0027fb GreatWolf_0034fb GreatWolf_0035fb GreatWolf_0040fb GreatWolf_0043fb GreatWolf_0044fb GreatWolf_0045fb GreatWolf_0051fb GreatWolf_0054fb GreatWolf_0058fb GreatWolf_0060fb GreatWolf_0061fb

Two WHOLE hands!!

GreatWolf_0063fb GreatWolf_0064fb GreatWolf_0065fb GreatWolf_0081fb GreatWolf_0082fb GreatWolf_0084fb GreatWolf_0086fb GreatWolf_0088fb GreatWolf_0102fb GreatWolf_0111fb GreatWolf_0112fb GreatWolf_0116fb GreatWolf_0117fb GreatWolf_0118fb GreatWolf_0119fb GreatWolf_0123fb

See the 10? We’re so clever.

GreatWolf_0125fb GreatWolf_0127fbHonestly, it was a fun trip. I’m okay if I never return, but it really was fun. =)


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