Monthly Archives: February 2011

Miss Tess!

Sweet Girl!!  I think I’ve mentioned in the past how much I love my nieces and nephews.  It makes my heart happyView full post »

Brothers and Sisters…More info!

You know how you love your kids?  No, really…I mean that feeling that grips your heart and squeezes til you thinkView full post »

Baby Evan!

If you saw the little chunky lovey baby that Evan has now turned into you would think he was a different child from theView full post »

Brothers and Sisters

As a parent, watching Makgill and Clara Beth’s relationship change and grow is one of my very favorite things inView full post »

Sweet, Sweet Weston

Baby Boy was a ROCKSTAR for his first session!  Oh My Goodness, such a little sweetie.  And Collin and I had such aView full post »

A really great day

The kids’ bathwater tonight was dirtier than it’s been since October.  That makes me happy because it meansView full post »

Miss Tenley!

AHHHHH!!!  I am SO glad that this sweet baby is finally here!  Isn’t she darling?  She is the brand new daughterView full post »

Cayden is ONE!!

I told you we had a lot of our babies turning one right now.  I can’t believe this little sugar lump has alreadyView full post »

A Fun little contest

Are y’all LOVING this weather?  Oh my Gracious, it’s taking every ounce of discipline in me to make Mak doView full post »

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