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Parker, Brayden, Addison and Maylee

Remember these beauties? They’re back!!! And I didn’t think it was possible, but they’ve gotten evenView full post »

Makin’ pumpkin pancakes, pretendin’ it’s the weekend…

Adding a little bit of Fall to Jack Johnson, there. 😉 So, Monday we headed down to Charleston to photograph an AMAZINGView full post »

Audrey Lou

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eighteen month session. Actually, I’d have to say that 15months to age 2 is my absoluteView full post »

Baby Boy’s getting big!

Oh, Easton!! You had my heart from the very beginning in the hospital, Sweet one. Of course, I instantly fell in loveView full post »

My mom turned Sixty!!!

And we celebrated at the beach. It’s fitting. Even more than Disney, it’s our family’s favoriteView full post »

Teeny little peanut…Baby Campbell!

Taking a little break from the Christmas posts to introduce you to the sweetest baby girl, Miss Campbell!! She’sView full post »

Christmas 2011!!!

I know, it’s weird. It’s not even Halloween yet and here I am plastering the blog with all thingsView full post »

Winter Wonderland 2011!!!

Okay, so we’ve been getting calls/messages/emails/texts all day long with questions about Christmas sessions, soView full post »

Daniel and Dylan at the Beach!

For some reason it always seems to sneak up on me, but this time of year is CRAZY busy. I’m not sure why thisView full post »

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