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Our Buddy, Cayden

Love this kid!!! Even if he did make it very well known during this session that he would MUCH rather spend time withView full post »

Reeves, Rebecca and the 3 Ts at Disney!

I may have mentioned once or twice that we are giving away a trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD this year. I’m so excitedView full post »

Miss Ansley is ONE!!!

Gracious, this baby girl is CUTE!! I can’t believe she’s already one, though. It seems like justView full post »

Walkin’ Right Down the middle of Main Street, USA

Okay, I know. Cheesy title. But all of you Disney lovers know the tune I’m talking about, right? If I couldView full post »

The GORGEOUS Mrs. Hinshelwood!

I still can’t believe that Jessica and Stephen are married! Their wedding day was absolutely amazing. IView full post »


We’re back. Finally. WOW, that was a long car ride today. Disney was fun and I have a ton of memories to blogView full post »

Later, Gators!

We’re off for a rendezvous with a mouse! We needed to do a little market research for the BIG studio giveawayView full post »


Soooo…we are headed to my Happy Place this afternoon (aka DISNEY!!) and I have so much to do before then,View full post »

Happy Birthday to my Baby Brother!!!

Today’s my youngest brother’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Andrew!! You are an AmazingView full post »

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