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Baby Easton

I am SO in love with this child. Oh my Gracious he just keeps getting cuter and cuter! He’s a good littleView full post »

Happy Birthday, Elijah!

This year has FLOWN! So many of our sweet little studio babies are having their first birthdays and it’s so muchView full post »

Baby RJ!

What a CUTIE!!!! It had been a couple of months since the last time we saw this sweetie and he has changed so much!View full post »

Sweet Caroline’s going to be a BIG SISTER!!

So, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may know that for nearly the past two years my beautifulView full post »

Sweet Sisters!

YAY! Found a few more minutes to blog these precious sisters! I love this family so much and it makes me so happy thatView full post »

This week…

has been a little bit crazy. A good kind of crazy, but still…CRAZY. I’m finding myself saying that a lotView full post »

Miss Mallorie is here!

It seems only natural to follow a post about two brothers with one about two sisters! These baby girls make me soView full post »


These brothers are SO FUN! I loved listening to all of the things that Chandler is into and I can only imagine thatView full post »

It’s Friday, Baby!

WOOO-HOOOO!!! The weekend is here and I can tell from my facebook newsfeed that y’all are just as excited aboutView full post »

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