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Mak’s 5K Graduation

5K graduation…it’s not reeeeeally that big of a deal, right? I mean it’s mostly for the kid, not theView full post »

Charley, Nicholas and Nolan

I really really and truly LOVE our job. I love watching Collin come up with new ideas and photograph in new ways. ButView full post »

Sweet Baby Ella Kate

LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweet child! But I hate that she lives 4 hours away. Last week was completely NUTSO-CRAZY for us.View full post »

My Baby…

*this post was started after Clara Beth’s recital but I didn’t have time to finish it. 😉 I’m goingView full post »

Oh, Miss Perribeth…

Sweet, darling baby girl. You came earlier than you were expected but I think it was because the world could not beView full post »

The Tyner Wedding

I can think of no place I would have rather been Saturday night than at the wedding of Anna Weston and Ricky. It wasView full post »

Excited about tomorrow…

because we will be at the wedding of Anna-Weston and Ricky! I know it will be beautiful and fun, and Collin and IView full post »

Brand New Baby Andrew!!

Please forgive the lack of blog posts this week! Do you ever feel like life is going SO fast and you can barely keepView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day! :)

I know it’s not even close to a portrait, but I hate a blog post without a picture, so here it is. Taken withView full post »

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