Monthly Archives: August 2006

What a weekend!

We just got back from a weekend with my grandfather in Jacksonville, FL. We were pretty nervous getting ready to goView full post »

A great way to come home!

This past weekend we went to Florida to visit my grandfather. (I will post some more on that in a little while)View full post »

Tara Jane and Christopher Snead’s Album design is here!

As promised, here is the rough design for Tara Jane and Christopher’s wedding album. Feel free to let me knowView full post »

This morning…

We have one of those Bumbo seats for Clara Beth. It is awsome. She can hold her head up pretty well, so we thoughtView full post »

Clara Beth’s 12 weeks old

We went to the studio the other day to get Clara Beth’s 12 week portrait and one of Makgill and ClaraView full post »

Mak and I played at the train

Makgill and I went to the train out at the Florence Museum the other day. Aron and I have been wanting to take himView full post »

Tara Jane and Chris

Tara Jane and Christopher are now enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle, at least for the next few days. Hello to the bothView full post »

Saturday is coming to an end…

Here it is, 10:25 PM Saturday night. Aron and Clara Beth are asleep on the couch next to me and Makgill is asleedView full post »

Treat yourself to something great

I was talking with one of my customers earlier today about Aroma Underground. I do not remember how the conversationView full post »

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