11 Months Old!

This first year with Clara Beth is flying by! She is already 11 months old and changing so fast. She seems to wake up each morning with a whole new set of tricks to entertain us with. She is really into giving the BEST hugs right now. She just grabs your neck, lays her head on your chest, and pats you with her hands. Sooooo Sweet! Her latest word is uh-oh. The girl can seriously say it for about thirty minutes straight. She loves listening to the different ways she can make her voice sound. Each morning we wake up to “uh-oh…uh-oh…uh-oh.” We go in her room and she is standing in her crib looking down at all of her pacifiers on the floor. Then she looks up and gives you the biggest cheese grin ever. I love that sweet girl so much! She is also really into baby dolls now which thrills me. She calls them “days” and throws herself on top of them to give them loves. I am so excited because for the longest time she seemed to only want her brother’s trucks. That’s fine too, but I really want her to be a prissy girl! Definitely looks like I’m getting my wish!

We did her 11 month session today. Here are our favorites!


cbchristening_0011-copy.jpg cbchristening_0015.jpg cbchristening_0021.jpg cbchristening_0022.jpg cbchristening_0027-copy2.jpg cbchristening_0028.jpg cbchristening_0029.jpg cbchristening_0030.jpg cbchristening_0034.jpg cbchristening_0036-copy1.jpg

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